photo thursday: milton the melon & edgar the eggplant

This summer, my boyfriend and I planted a garden at his house. It has been producing like mad, and we’ve been enjoying countless tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, jalapeno peppers, bell peppers, tabasco peppers, fire-in-the-sky peppers … we like peppers, apparently. We’re sharing in nature’s bounty, bitches.

I picked this stuff last weekend.

I picked this stuff last weekend.

But we also planted an eggplant and a watermelon, and watching these things grow has been a new experience for me — and nothing short of magical.

Here’s young Edgar the Eggplant:

eggplant baby

And here’s the finished product. I loved Edgar, but I turned him into eggplant parmesan later that night.

eggplant grown

My devotion to Milton the Melon actually might make it hard to eat him. He started off no larger than a pea, but he grew quickly:


Now he’s a bit larger than a softball:

milton bigger


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