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you’re lookin’ good, bubba lee kinsey

Bubba Lee Kinsey, my giant, 10-year-old gray tabby, is looking good.

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three things about dougus, the handsome polydactyl kitty

1. Dougus, whose name is a mash-up of Doug and Augustus, is most likely part ragdoll and part Siamese. He is only six months old and is therefore going to be a giant (though probably not rivaling this soon-to-be 30-pound Maine Coon, allegedly the world’s largest domestic cat).

2. He belongs to a couple of my friends, and today I went for a visit and spent a good part of the afternoon swooning over his beauty.

3. He is a polydactyl, meaning he has a shitload of toes (five in front; six in back). Here are some photos of his feet taken from below a glass table (inspired by this collection of photos).


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