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demons of jarboe street: sobriety demon

I quit drinking a little more than a month ago, and since then strange things have been happening in my life. Like the morning happens now, and coffee happens for enjoyment rather than desperation, and I haven’t cried while eating a cheesy tortilla dipped in hummus in what feels like forever.

Also, my friends have been surprisingly supportive. It’s not like I expected them to shove shots of whiskey in my face while chanting “DRINK, DRINK, DRINK” or anything, but their encouraging Facebook messages, texts, and emails have definitely helped make this drastic lifestyle change much smoother.

Still, I can’t ignore the fact that one of the shitty parts of quitting booze is also saying farewell to the good times, those hazy, hilarious conversations, group hugs, and sing-alongs that seem awkward when sober but somehow become magical and welcoming when infused with a little Jameson. Many such good times surrounded the creation of the Demons of Jarboe Street, a series of Carlo Rossi sangria-fueled creations drawn by my friend Joe Jay circa 2006. (I wrote about them here.) So to discover this stunning — and stone-sober — demon from Joe in my inbox one morning was a welcome surprise indeed.

Meet the “no headache medicine needin’, happy hour missin’, non-blackout havin’, no DUI receivin’, designated drivin’ sobriety demon.” According to Joe, he is “forced to roll throughout eternity smelling the delicious brew in the keg infused in his belly, but because of his short arms, he is never able to reach the tap.”

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