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photo thursday: milton the melon & edgar the eggplant

This summer, my boyfriend and I planted a garden at his house. It has been producing like mad, and we’ve been enjoying countless tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, jalapeno peppers, bell peppers, tabasco peppers, fire-in-the-sky peppers … we like peppers, apparently. We’re sharing in nature’s bounty, bitches.

I picked this stuff last weekend.

I picked this stuff last weekend.

But we also planted an eggplant and a watermelon, and watching these things grow has been a new experience for me — and nothing short of magical.

Here’s young Edgar the Eggplant:

eggplant baby

And here’s the finished product. I loved Edgar, but I turned him into eggplant parmesan later that night.

eggplant grown

My devotion to Milton the Melon actually might make it hard to eat him. He started off no larger than a pea, but he grew quickly:


Now he’s a bit larger than a softball:

milton bigger

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fall has fallen

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hope blooms

I’ve had this house plant for ten years, and for more than half that time it has seemed on the brink of death. Many of its leaves are brown or yellowing; even after it’s just been watered, it looks wilted; and it just generally has the aura of a crusty malcontent. In corporate America, it would be a frustrated middle manager who keeps getting passed over for the big promotion.

But yesterday I came home after a busy and frustrating morning — just another in a seemingly endless series of busy, frustrating mornings — and it had sprouted this beautiful, white flower seemingly overnight. In a decade, it has never produced anything even remotely this stunning; in fact, I didn’t even know it was capable of flowering.


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