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three things about dougus, the handsome polydactyl kitty

1. Dougus, whose name is a mash-up of Doug and Augustus, is most likely part ragdoll and part Siamese. He is only six months old and is therefore going to be a giant (though probably not rivaling this soon-to-be 30-pound Maine Coon, allegedly the world’s largest domestic cat).

2. He belongs to a couple of my friends, and today I went for a visit and spent a good part of the afternoon swooning over his beauty.

3. He is a polydactyl, meaning he has a shitload of toes (five in front; six in back). Here are some photos of his feet taken from below a glass table (inspired by this collection of photos).


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three things about parmesan cheese

1. On March 10, when 176 Whole Foods Markets across the U.S. cracked open 300 fresh wheels of parmesan cheese simultaneously to break their own Guinness World Record, I discovered that this Italian pasta-topper is a big fucking deal, enough to necessitate pomp, circumstance, and official cheese-watching crowns. Male and female cashiers alike wore fake mustaches, for some reason, and a woman wearing a royal purple velvet cape passed out samples.

2. Cracking open a wheel of parmesan cheese is centuries-old art that requires legitimate skill. Many folks can bust open one of these 90-pound cheese wheels in less than a minute, and on this March afternoon, the fine gentleman splitting the wheel at Whole Foods on Metcalf in Overland Park, Kansas, took about that long, narrowly missing his own record. Check out this video of crackin’ in action, as well as photos from the event at Whole Foods.

3. I got my own official cheese-watcher crown. I am ridiculously proud of this fact.

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three creepy things about abandoned shopping malls

1. The food court.

2. The two-story fountain that’s still running, for some reason.

3. The “stage.”

Photos taken at Metcalf South Shopping Center in Overland Park, Kansas, which opened in 1967.

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